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SuperStrap - Multipurpose Hose Strap | SPRSTRP


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The SuperStrap does what the stairhook and hose hangers do and then some.

When you use a SuperStrap to hold your hoses upstairs you can strap them to virtually anything. Since SuperStraps have no metal pieces there is no need to worry about damaging your customers homes.

As a hose carrier, a SuperStrap will fit around many different size hose lengths and diameters. 1 strap does it all. Its' large handle is designed for comfort and durability.

The hose belt feature is something you only get with a SuperStrap. Imagine cleaning a staircase without having to fight with the hoses. When you wear your SuperStrap around your waist you can hold your hoses in place without having to re-adjust as you move up or down the stairs.


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