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Strike pre-spray 15kg

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Strike pre-spray 15kg.

Strike is a powdered carpet pre-spray with a high PH formula that quickly dissolves greasy soils.

Works well on restaurant and pub carpets.

Concentrated and economical in use.


Always pre-test all cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area for colour bleed prior to application.

For best efficiency, apply Strike with a pre-sprayer.

1. Vacuum carpet thoroughly before any cleaning process.

2. Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area prior to commencing for colour fastness.

3. Mix 56 grams per 4 Litres of hot water for pump-up sprayer.

4. For a Hydroforce type sprayer, mix 283 grams per 5 litre/quart container of hot water. SHAKE WELL FOR COMPLETE MIXING.

5. For heavy grease & oily soil add 88 ml of Lasermaster’s Grease Blaster Solvent Booster.

6. Allow 5-10 minutes dwell time. DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY OUT

7. To neutralize alkalinity, rinse or pre-spray with or Lasermasters acid Rinse

8. pH when diluted 12.0 - 12.5.

9. Not suitable for use on Stain Resist Fibres.

Extract with a compatible alkaline extraction detergent or acid/neutralizing rinse.

For faster cleaning, reduced fatigue, and more effective soil removal, extract with the RX-20 Rotary Extraction Tool.

For faster drying, especially in humid environments, consider the use of an axial, centrifugal, or downdraft air mover after cleaning


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