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Stain Guard 5 litres

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StainGuard is a water based fluorochemical polymer which imparts excellent oil and water repellency to carpets and textiles. StainGuard requires no high temperature drying or specialist equipment. StainGuard protects against spills, makes subsequent cleaning easier, preserves the appearance and extends the life of the treated carpet and textiles. Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area prior to proceeding. Instructions for use: StainGuard should be applied using a 500050 T-Jet fan type nozzle to a clean surface by spraying using a pressure spray. For Plush Fabrics and Carpets: Dilute with equal parts of water and apply at a rate of up to 20-40 sq.m/litre. For Curtains, Cotton Furnishing Fabrics etc: Dilute with equal parts water and apply at a rate of up to 80 sq.m/litre. HEALTH & SAFETY : KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN EYE CONTACT-FLUSH WITH PLENTY OF CLEAN WATER - SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE IF NECESSARY

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