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Handi Groom | AB20


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A hand held grooming rake ideal for stairs, rugs and edges. Great for pet hair removal

Works Great on:

stairs | autos | rugs | tough stains

This all-purpose hand held carpet rake can be used to clean stairs, automobile carpet, fringes on oriental rugs upholstery and much more. The Handi Groomer is ideal for carpet spot cleaning and small area grooming. The special "Spatula" on the handle can be used to scoop up excess spillage or Pet Poop and residue when cleaning

Helpful Hints
  • Use the spatula side of the groomer to scrape excess mater from the carpet.
  • Apply your chosen carpet spotter directly to the carpet. Use the bristle side to agitate the spotter into the spot.
  • Using the spatuala side, squeegee the spotter and soil into towel you are holding on the edge of the spot.
  • Blot the spot with an absorbent towel.
  • Repeat if necessary.
  • Groom the pile for an even look.
  • For Rugs: If you have oriental rugs with fringes you will find the Handi Groom to be the ideal tool for smoothing out the fringes for a nice even look.

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