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GreenGlide 14'' Holed - PMF 520 | GG-001

SKU: GG-001

Availability: In stock



This glide fits the PMF 520 series 14" wand, which comes in single jet (521), dual jet (522), or 3 jets (523), 1.5" or 2" tube, S-bend, heavy duty. It has press-on stainless shoes (lips).

As there can be some variation in the width of the head on these wands, it is always best to measure the width of the wand at the carpet from outside edge to outside edge, if the wand measures less than 14" you want to get the 14" model, if it measures exactly 14" or longer, you need the 14.5" oversize version.

This is the HOLED version for maximum drying performance and easiest push. We also offer slot and hybrid versions for more effective debris removal and aggitation.


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